February 27, 2021

Why We Didn’t Do the Big Prom Photo Shoot

The Big Prom Photo Shoot did not happen this year.

Why didn’t you do a big group Senior Portrait and Prom Photo Shoot this year?

Several people have asked me that in the last few days.

Usually over the February High School break, I do a big themed Prom Photo shoot with Hair and Makeup and Prom gowns.  But this year–well, Covid.

It was disappointing for sure.  I will confess that I have as much, if not more fun as the models.  I love all the cool images we photograph.

But when I really sat down and thought about it, it was not worth the risk of one of my clients getting sick.  I knew that if I were that age and I had something fun coming up, I might be tempted to think I was not sick, or I wasn’t that sick.  Or it was “just” a cold–whatever.  In the end, I seriously did not want anyone getting unnecessarily exposed to a potentially life threatening virus.  Actually, I think it would have been highly irresponsible.

Now don’t worry.  The Prom Photo Shoot will not totally go away.  I have every intention of reviving it when things get a little bit back to normal.  I already have some ideas.

In the meantime, we can relive the glory of years past with some of the highlights.

Prom Photo Shoot Key Hall
From the one that started it all–Casino Royale at Key Hall in Schenectady.
Schenectady NY Senlor Portraits
The boys were just as good has the girls at this shoot.
High School Senior Portraits Saratoga
The next year, we did an in studio thing. It allowed me a little more control over lighting.
Fashion Photography Saratoga
Formal dreas with pockets is a plus.
Prom Photos Saratoga Photographer
Just a cool dress all around.
Bridal Portrait Saratoga Springs
Random out in the snow at night.
Congress Park Prom Pictures
One of my Senior Portrait clients at the park with her date–which I loved photographing.
Senior Portraits Saratoga Springs NY
One of my all time favorite shoots was when we did an editorial for Simply Saratoga.
Saratoga Prom Photo Shoot
Just lovely–the makeup was perfection.
Upstate NY Prom Photographer
From when a group of photographers got together to raise money for a charity. We were in Wisconsin and the local High School kids came by to be photographed at the Hilton. So fun.
Wisconsin Senior Prom Photo
Just a fun shot in the lobby. Super cute shoes.
Prom Photos Saratoga NY
The Water for Elephants shoot. Because I was obsessed with this idea.
Saratoga Springs NY Senior Portraits
Every shot was just so great because the girls were so into it.
Senior Prom Photos Ballston SPa NY
This dress was incredible.
Saratoga Springs HS Prom Photographers
Last year was a Prom Shoot we did at Hangar 743/Warbird in Albany right before we descended into lockdown due to Covid. I love all these girls. Dresses: Danielle’s Bridal | HMUA: Lipstick N Lashes
Upstate NY Prom Fashion Shoot
This shoot was so fun and I am so glad we did it, especially now that we have not been able to do anything like this lately.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down Memory Lane–I sure did!  If you want to see what I have been up to lately, check out Winter Senior Portraits.  I have managed to keep myself busy–LOL.

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