January 25, 2021

Your Guide to Branding Photography Part 2

What types of images do I need for my Personal Branding Photography?

In our last post we delved into what Personal Branding Photography is and why it is important.  Today we will explore what you need to think about before the very first photo is captured.  I asked my friend Melissa Ward of NewWard Development for her perspective as a web developer and Social Media content manager on what she thought was important.

Casual Personal Branding Photo
Introducing Melissa Ward, Web Expert, who provides our commentary today.

Define Your Target Market and Your Message:

  1.  Start with a clear idea of who you/your company is and who you want to work with.  “If you’re curious how you appear to others, ask 10 people to describe you and your business. This will let you know if you’re getting the right message out.”  Is your brand formal or more casual?  Is your target demographic male or female?  Is there something about your product or service you particularly want to promote?  These are just a few questions you should ask yourself.
Executive Headshots Saratoga NY
Do you want to be perceived as more formal? Clothing, posing and lighting can all convey this.

What Message Does Your Audience Want To See?

2.  Think about what your target audience might like to see.  Hint:  It may not be what you think it is.  According to Melissa:  “I like photos that no one ever gets to see – a maker making something, an artist painting, A writer writing – backend things that the owner thinks are boring but are actually really interesting to people who don’t do that for a living.  Tools or instruments you use.”

Commercial Photography Saratoga NY
This is a jeweler creating a custom ring for a client. He might not think it is so interesting because he does this every day, but most people think it is pretty cool.
Personal Branding Saratoga NY
Local Artist Gary Zack painting one of his amazing works of art.

What Elements Do You Want To Showcase?

3.  Products or Locations:  Do you have an awesome product/service or is your location very unique?  A few photos of that are great to share!

Saratoga Restaurant Photography
Mouzon House is a very unique restaurant in Saratoga with gorgeous murals.
Commercial Photography Saratoga NY
Saratoga Day Spa offers a variety of services. Being able to show photos is great for Social Media.
Restaurant Branding Photos
Showing off your product in a casual way at your location can still look good.
Branding Photography Saratoga NY
Have you recently changed your store displays? Photos like these are perfect for Social Media.
Saratoga NY Branding Photography
Is your packaging distinctive? You might want professional photos of it for your website or Social Media.

Make A Shot List:

So once you have thought about these things, I recommend you make a list to discuss with your photographer before your branding photo session.  They may even have some ideas to add to the list because it is all about collaboration.

NY Personal Branding Photographer
In addition to more traditional Real Estate Head Shots, we also did some photos of this realtor in a relaxed home environment.
Saratoga NY Personal Branding Photographers
Don’t be afraid to show your personality! Jamie wanted a casual head shot for some of her social media to change things up a bit.

A quick video recap of what Personal Branding Photography is:

Did you enjoy this post about Branding Photography?  Be sure to check out the first post, Your Guide to Branding Photography Part 1 if you haven’t already.

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