January 23, 2021

Your Guide to Branding Photography: Part 1

Branding Photography–What is it and Why is it important?

It has long been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Nowhere is that more true than when presenting your business and your brand to the public and potential clients.

Saratoga NY Personal Branding Photos
Toga Heritage is a wonderful retail shop in Saratoga NY. Their signature item is their own tartan, which the owner created.

We hear a lot about Branding Photography, but many people are confused about what exactly that means.  We all know the importance of having an updated headshot.  But what about content for your Social Media accounts and website? In today’s competitive marketplace, you need photos to tell the story of your business.  That is what Branding Photography is all about.

Professional Head Shots Saratoga NY
This was just a fun shot of Kimberly from an Editorial for Simply Saratoga.

Social Media in particular voraciously consumes content.  Many businesses have a goal of posting on Social at least once a day.  When you have professional Branding Photos created, you will have a cache of beautiful imagery to choose from–instead of grabbing your phone and trying to capture something on the fly.  Besides, consumers today are very savvy and used to seeing high quality images.  Sorry, a cell phone no longer cuts it.

Interior Decor Photography Saratoga NY
Interior of a local florist shop. Environmental shots can communicate so much about a brand.  This photo makes me just want to sit down and enjoy all the beautiful things in this shop.

Your Branding Photos can include photos of you, your team, your work environment, your products–anything you think will help potential clients understand what you do and why you do it.  This is essential if you want to communicate the story of your brand.

Personal Brand Photography
Product packaging with company logo in more of a lifestyle concept.
Restaurant Menu Item Photography
Restaurant Menu items look so much better when properly lit.
Active Wear Fashion Photos Saratoga NY
Models wearing items from Pure Volition as part of their Branding Shoot.

While Professional Branding Photography may seem “expensive” to some, I personally believe it is a foundation stone in any good marketing plan today.

Realtor Headshot Personal Branding Photos
Don’t forget you can include some Black and White images!

Here is a short video about why you might think about using a Professional Photographer for your Brand and Products:

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