January 30, 2021

Your Guide to Branding Photography Part 3

Preparing for your Personal Branding Photography Session

In our first two installments, we discussed what a Personal Branding Photography Session is and what types of images you should think of including.  In our final chapter of Your Guide to Branding Photography, we will cover what you need to do to prepare for your Branding Session.

Saratoga NY Best Personal Branding Photos
Love this photo of Brian, a local attorney. It also garnered an award at International Print Competition.

Every single Branding shoot we do is different because our clients all have different goals and their brands are unique.  You do not want to have your images look like your competitors’ images–you want them to highlight why you and your brand are different/better.  So while the suggestions below are helpful hints, they are only suggestions.  Like a buffet dinner, pick and choose the ones that help you communicate your story and leave the rest behind because nobody eats every single item at the buffet:)

Suggestion 1:  Do some brand research.  Before you book your shoot, take some time thinking carefully about what your brand looks like, what story you want to tell and how you can separate yourself from the competition.  How do you want people to feel when they see your photos?  How would your clients describe your brand–does what they say match what you want to convey?

Suggestion 2:  Prepare a shot list.  Are there specific images you need for your website?  Do you need images for Social Media–specifically a banner for Facebook or six months of content for Instagram?  Making a shot list will help you maximize your investment in Branding Photography and makes the actual shoot flow better/faster.  Make a note of any props you might like to include.

Beauty Product Photos
Content is King. Have some kick ass product shots created for Social Media and advertising.

Sample List:  Headshot for About Page, Banner Image for Hero Slider, Banner image for Facebook, casual photos at desk, drinking coffee, product shots for website/shopping cart.  You get the idea.

Personal Brand Photography Saratoga NY
This image was photographed of Heidi for a local publication and features one of the displays in her store.
Lifestyle Corporate Branding Photos
We also created this as a Behind the Scenes image that is perfect for Social Media.

Suggestion 3:  Carefully plan your clothing.  When you look your best, you feel great.  Consider having a professional stylist help you or at least a trusted friend.  Take into consideration the colors in your logo and on your website–you don’t want to clash.  While I cannot dictate exactly what you wear–you need to be YOU–I am happy to look over your choices ahead of time to let you know if things will photograph well or not.  You might even consider hiring a Professional Wardrobe Stylist to help you figure out what clothing would be the best option for your Branding Photos.

Personal Branding Photo Long Island NY
Love the styling in this outfit with this location.
Personal Branding Photography Session Saratoga NY
Eileen carefully chose this outfit–the green jacket is actually a perfect match for her brand.

Suggestion 4:  Hair and Makeup–think about it ahead of time.  While some people want to use a professional stylist for this, some do not.  It is a very personal decision.  I do recommend professionals because their products hold up better and the stylists I love working with all know how to appy makeup for print/commercial photography.  If you want to go this route, I have a list of stylists I love and am happy to share with my clients.  I also highly suggest a manicure because often your hands will show.

Fashion Photography Saratoga NY
Professional Hair and Makeup really elevated this shoot.

Suggestion 5:  On the day of the shoot, allow enough time to get ready so you are not frantic and looking harassed.  I suggest packing up all the items you will need for the shoot the night before and making sure you have everything you might possibly need.

Now that you have all the information you need, get out there and have some Branding Photography created for your business.  I promise you will not regret it.

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