May 4, 2023

Bridgerton Themed Wedding | The Mansion Saratoga

What is more romantic than a Bridgerton themed wedding?

If you have not heard of the TV show Bridgerton, you have been living under a rock.  LOL.  I remember watching Season One and thinking, “Wow!  This would be a great theme for a wedding!”  Well, life often imitates art and I got my wish!  Carly and Christopher had a wedding in April at the Mansion Inn in Saratoga that definitely had some serious Bridgerton  themed wedding vibes.

What are some of my favorite Bridgerton Themed Wedding Details:

Bridgerton Themed Wedding Flowers
These florals are perfect for a Bridgerton themed wedding–blue delphinium with yellow and cream peonies and roses.

So what makes a Wedding Lady Whistledown approved?  The series takes place in Regency England, but with a twist.  The clothing and accessories are opulent and the colors are beautiful.  The Men in the Bridgerton Family predominantly wear shades of blue.  In fact, the show kind of has a Regency Blue color scheme.  The women wear column shaped/empire waist gowns and there is lots of lace and pearls.  Opulent food displays are often a feature.  Florals are English Garden.  Handwritten notes are often featured in the show, so an old fashioned cursive in stationary is great.

A few Bridgerton Themed Wedding Details from Carly and Christopher’s Wedding:

Bridgerton Themed Wedding Photos
Pearls–lots of them. Loved this opulent handbag.
Bridgerton Wedding Details
Lace dress with an Empire waist.
Bridgerton Wedding Reception Photo Saratoga NY
Lady Whistledown approves of cursive on all stationary items. LOL.
Bridgerton Themed Wedding Photos
A high waisted column lace dress for the bride. Of course the groom is wearing blue.
Saratoga Mansion wedding photos
A small intimate wedding in a parlor is perfect.
Saratoga Mansion wedding Photos
Abundant food displays are a must.

These are just some of the fabulous details you can include in a Bridgerton Themed wedding!

Congrats to our couple Carly and Christopher–it was so fun documenting your wedding day at the Mansion Inn Saratoga.

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A Bridgerton themed wedding at the Mansion Saratoga? Yes please! So beautiful and elegant! I love all of the details!

Blackburn Portrait Design

It sure was fun to photograph this wedding!

Those detail images are to die for! Seriously swooning over this Bridgerton-inspired wedding!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Detail photos are an important part of designing a wedding album–they are a great segue into the different events at a wedding.

A Bridgerton themed wedding? OMG this is amazing!!! What a beautiful idea and all the wedding photos are gorgeous!

Blackburn Portrait Design

I loved watching Bridgerton, so anything with those details is fun to photograph at a wedding!