December 5, 2021

Considerations For Planning a Second Wedding

Planning a Second Wedding?

There is a song that says Love is better the second time around.

Planning a Second Wedding
This couple chose an outdoor location at Thacher Park. The bride’s dress was modified to be tea length. The groom wore a suit with a cute bow tie.

It might also be argued that planning a second wedding is better too. I have photographed many second weddings, and it seems to me that the couples are much more relaxed. They also seem more confident in the choices they have made and less inclined to do things just because “that’s the way it is always done.”

While the actual process of planning the event will probably be similar to a first wedding, the wedding itself will most likely be completely different.

What Are the Considerations for Planning a Second Wedding?


As always, a budget is one of the very first things a couple should tackle when planning an event of this magnitude.  Often the guest list is smaller and the wedding is more intimate.  However, the couple often has a larger budget to spend on the venue, the flowers, etc. to make it more customized and personal.  Deciding ahead of time how much you feel comfortable spending and what items are priorities will help make the planning a lot less stressful.

Second Wedding Elopement
You can even elope just the two of you.


It is exciting to tell people you will be getting married.  However, it is a little different the second time around.  Second weddings often involve kids and other family members, so you will want to be sure they find out from you first and not a third party or social media.

In fact, many second weddings feature blended families.  Our client Debra offers the following advice:  “Blended families can often provide so much joy and love.  Yet – it can also be difficult for some.  Cut everyone some slack (including yourself). ”

The Guest List:

Many couples planning a second wedding tend to want to invite only the people who they feel closest to at this point in time.  They don’t feel the need to invite every single person in the extended family or the workplace.  Don’t feel obligated to invite every friend you have ever had in your life–not necessary.

Second Wedding Saratoga NY
You can still have a traditional bridal party.

Bridal Party–You Can Still Have One:

While the Bridal Party at a second wedding can be smaller than a first wedding, often the members are really close with the couple.  And many times this includes kids of the couple.  So if there is someone you really want to include, go right ahead and do that.  Whether you have one attendant or twenty, it is totally up to you.

Intimate Second Wedding in Saratoga
Only immediate family was invited to this intimate wedding last winter. The couple hosted a party later in the summer for a larger group.

Traditional Isn’t as Important:

A second wedding offers people a chance to plan an event that might be more authentic to who they are.  While I personally love traditional elements in general, you don’t necessarily need to do the whole “white wedding” big Kahuna thing.  Our client Melissa says, “Make it about you as a couple and less about what other people want.”

Saratoga NY Second Wedding Photograhers
Not feeling a white dress? Go for a color and/or print.

It is ok to wear whatever color/style dress you like–whether it is white, red, or a combination of both.  You can write your own vows.  You don’t necessarily need to do traditional reception formalities.   It is fine to invite ten people to an amazing dinner at a beautiful gourmet restaurant.  You can invite everyone to the State Park Pavilion for a barbecue.  The point is that it is totally up to you, because it is YOUR wedding.

Check out Melissa and Rick’s Second Wedding at the Automobile Museum in Saratoga–featuring Melissa’s red and white custom made dress:

“This is a second marriage, but it does not take away from the happiness, joy and love for a different chapter.  Embrace the love!!!”

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I love the helpful tips on planning a second wedding. While I feel that most of these tips can be used during a first wedding as well, knowing what you want to get out of your wedding the second time around definitely has it perks!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Agree–Second Weddings rock! Definitely the priorities are a little different and the couples can be a little more relaxed. And that shows in the wedding photos!

Helpful list of tips on Planning a Second Wedding. Your photography is beautiful Brandi!

These are the perfect tips for planning a second wedding! Less stress, more love! I love the non-traditional wedding dresses!

Blackburn Portrait Design

I love photographing second weddings because of the dresses especially!

What a great list of tips for getting married a second time. And beautiful images for these couples. Planning any wedding can be tough. Planning a second wedding doesn’t have to be!

Blackburn Portrait Design

So true!

Susan, getting married a 2nd time can be overwhelming. Love that you have a great list of things for couples to consider if they’re planning a 2nd wedding!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks Michelle–I love photographing second weddings!