January 4, 2022

How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photo Session

Our Favorite Tips for a Stress-free Engagement Session

How To Prepare For Your Engagement Photo Session:  Many couples look forward to having some dreamy Engagement Photos created to share the good news with their friends and family.  Couples usually find these sessions a lot of fun.  It is a chance to get to know your photographer better as well as play around and have a good time.  We have found this session has a major impact on your comfort level on the day of the wedding.  During the session, we will guide you and teach you how to pose in a natural way that also showcases your best features.

But sometimes couples find it a little stressful planning their Engagement Session.  Don’t worry–we’ve got you!  We have put together some of our favorite tips on How to Prepare For Your Engagement Photo Session below.

How To Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session
Dan and Yulia have a property on Lake George that was stunning, but also held a lot of meaning for them.

Choose a Location, Date and Time for Your Engagement Session:

While your Engagement Session can be photographed any time before your Wedding Day, we highly recommend you schedule it at least three months before.  That way, if you want to use some of the images for invitations or save the dates, you have time to do that.  While you are brainstorming for location ideas, think about places that are special to you or hold some sentimental value to you as a couple.  Examples to think of would be where you had your first date or where you got engaged.

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Session
The lobby of the Pavilion Grand in Downtown Saratoga has a really distinctive and sophisticated vibe.  Perfect for this couple from NYC.

Have a Consultation Call With Us:

Don’t skip this step when preparing for your Engagement Photos!  We like to talk a little bit with our clients before they go shopping for outfits so we can help you style the photos for maximum effect.  We have a lot of experience in helping clients choose clothing that is flattering for photos, and most people find this call extremely helpful.

Best Wedding Photographers Lake George NY
Fabulous choice of clothing for this Engagement Session at The Sagamore on Lake George.

Styling and Grooming:

An Engagement Session is the perfect day to do your hair and makeup trial for your Wedding Day look!  For the gentlemen:  if you are getting a haircut, do so the week prior to your session so it has a chance to grow in a bit.

How To Prepare For Your Engagement Session
We do show your hands during your Engagement Session, so be sure to get a manicure!


We do tend to show hands in Engagement Photos so we highlight your gorgeous Engagement Ring.  So pamper yourself and get your nails done!

We did a ton of walking at this session–comfortable shoes were an absolute must.

Pack All The Things:

A few items we suggest you bring to your Engagement Session are:  an extra outfit or two, a touch up kit, a little cash for incidentals like parking, water bottles, and a pair of comfy shoes for walking between locations.

Engagement Photos in the Snow
Bring ALL the things! This couple wanted to do some photos skating.

Be Rested and Well Hydrated:

Getting enough sleep and being well hydrated really pays some dividends in portraits, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest the night before your session.

NYC Street Engagement Photo
This was so fun–we were literally running around Prospect Park and this neighborhood in Brooklyn. I loved the bistro lights, so this was a great opportunity. We added just a kiss of backlight and voila!

To learn more about Engagement Photos, be sure to check out Engagement Photos:  Why You Need Them.

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Wonderful tips to prepare for your engagement session. It’s so nice to have a plan for your session!

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A good plan for any Portrait Session is essential. Engagment Sessions even more so because the photos are often used for Save the Dates and Thank Yous!

YESSS! all of this! A little planning makes the whole session go so much smoother! Such great advice and variety for all Saratoga Springs Brides!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Kellen!

These are such great tips for couples before their engagement session! These will definitely help reduce the stress for them before they take their engagement pictures.

I love how you share preparation tips. That is key to a fun, relaxed session and yields especially beautiful engagement portraits. Love how much you put into helping your clients and in return they have a great experience, and images to cherish!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks! I love helping clients get the best portraits they can.

This is a very practical and helpful set of engagement session tips! Preparing for an engagement photo shoot can be complicated and this kind of step by step list offers clients the best preparation for a successful engagement session!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Yes! Prior Preparationa is key!

Great tips for Engagement session prep! So on point and will definitely prepare your clients for the best experience with you!

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We have found that preparation for any photo session, but especially Engagement Sessions, is so important to give clients a wonderful experience.

These are such great tips to help couples prepare for engagement photos! It’s so smart to have them done early so they can be used for save the date cards, as you suggested. I love that you offer phone consultations to help your clients prepare for their photo shoot!

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Engagement Shoots are so fun and they don’t need to be stressful! We have found that a quick phone consultation helps clients plan better and feel more comfortable.

Great content! Keep up the good work!

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