September 15, 2021

Consistency Is Key | Saratoga Wedding Photographers

What are the Hallmarks of a Professional Photographer?

There are several true hallmarks to any professional, whether they are doctors, lawyers, plumbers, or photographers.  But to me the most important is consistency.  As Saraoga Wedding Photographers, consistency in Portrait or Wedding Photography is that you can make your clients look their very best and have them love the way they look.  I actually look back to when I first started and cringe sometimes.  Consistency is the key.

When I first become a Saratoga Wedding Photographer and I was working for other studios, I will confess that consistency was something of an issue for me.  This is because there was very little training provided by the places where I was working.  Some weekends I would go to work and everything was perfect.  The next weekend, maybe not so much.  It was frustrating.  I always wanted people to look their best and to create beautiful images for them.

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Consistently producing a high level of imagery is really important.

It took me several years of seeking out in person training with some kick ass photographers who also taught posing and lighting to get consistency in my work.  The “in person” part was particularly important because I needed someone in real time to help correct what I was doing wrong.  PPSNY on Long Island was one of the first week long Summer Workshops I attended, and it changed my life.  Now there are lots of online courses, but I still believe that in person is the way to go.  You can ask lots of questions and go over things you don’t understand in a way that no Creative Live Class will ever come close to.

The second component to this was to practice, practice, and practice some more.  Personally, I need to physically do things multiple times before they sink in.  And let’s face it, on a Wedding Day you need to do things intuitively because there isn’t a ton of time to overthink things.  You need to know your equipment and how to pose on a gut level.  The only way you get to that level is to constantly practice.

The State Room Wedding Photographers
Lying of the ground is sometimes necessary. LOL.

So where am I going with all of this?

For aspiring Photographers–don’t be lazy or cheap.  If this really is a calling for you, find the best people you can to study with and do so in person.  If you have to save up all year or even return bottles to recycle to scrape together the money, do it.  And practice all the time.

Saratoga NY Wedding Photographers
When I first started working as a Wedding Photographer, I would not have been able to produce this image at The Lodge with off camera strobe. It took taking classes and lots of practice.

For people hiring a Photographer–make sure you look through more than just an online gallery of “Greatest Hits” because if you remember from the beginning of this post–some weekends for me were much better than others.  You can bet I would not have shown anything less than the best.  Also, ask to see an entire event from start to finish.  You need to see if there are more than just a couple of shots that are good.  And personally, I think if the detail photos of the Bride’s shoes are better than portraits of her face–well, you know what I am thinking.

Hopefully, this was helpful.  You might also like Details Matter.

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Oh I just love your work and this blog is so spot on. You are so right! Consistency is definitely key and you cannot find it unless you work at it!

Blackburn Portrait Design


Consistency is a major key to any photographer and is something that should be looked for in a photographer. This is truly something that takes a lot of practice and skills to master. Great work showing that in your photos

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you so much!

I value professionals who truly know their trade and I know that when people really think about it, they realize that skills take years to develop. Professional photographers are trained in the classroom and on the field! They need to be able to consistenly deliver excellent product. You do that so well! The consistency you demonstrate in the photos that you deliver make a statement and I am sure that your clients value the worth of their investment! Because photos matter, it starts with hiring a professional photographer.

Susan, this is a wonderful message for beginner photographers! I’ve been told multiple times, if you do it cheap, you’ll do it twice…and often it’s not even twice, it’s 3-4 times! You need great mentors who will really show you how to improve! Obviously the classes and workshops help immensely, because your work is stunning! But I agree, a word of warning for anyone hiring a professional photographer…ask to see a full session, gallery, or wedding. Almost any decent photographer can get 2-3 good shots, but it takes a professional to get consistency across an entire portrait session!

Blackburn Portrait Design


Thank for sharing your journey. Also thank you for sharing with people what to look for when hiring a professional photographer.

Blackburn Portrait Design

And what a journey it has been!