September 5, 2021

Planning Your Newborn Photo Session

Planning ahead for any Portrait Photo Session is super important.

That being said, planning your Newborn Photo Session is even more important!  We get asked all the time what is the best way to plan a Newborn Shoot.  As a mom of three, I remember how stressful it was to try and round everything up for pictures of the kids–with a newborn, it is even more stressful!  Uncertain schedules, recovering from childbirth, sibling rivalry–it can be a lot.

Planning Your Newborn Photo Session
Sleepy newborns are so cute.

We have a few little tips to help you get the best Newborn images possible with the least amount of stress.

Planning Your Newborn Photo Session

Timing Is Everything:  While many times new moms are told they MUST get to a photographer before the baby is ten days old to get great newborn photos, that is not always possible.  An infant is considered a Newborn up until one month old.  Sure, you may not easily get curled up, sleepy baby photos.  But do you really want to be totally stressed and upset if you are completely overwhelmed on Day 9 of a new baby at home?  If your photographer knows what they are doing, they can make it work with a baby who is slightly older without sacrificing adorable images.

Saratoga NY Newborn Photographers
Timing is everything. We will work around your nap and feeding schedules.

In Home Or At The Studio:  Both locations have pros and cons.  An in home Newborn Session may be best if you are having issues getting out of the house.  So we can come to you.  We have portable lighting and props.  We can also use your home for a more Lifestyle feel to your images.  This can be especially helpful if you have older kids that you want to include as part of the session.  A Studio Session can be good if you just want to or need to get out of the house.  We would have a larger selection of items to use for your session here.  Bottom line, it is completely up to you and what you feel is best.

Planning Your Newborn Photo Session Saratoga NY
An In-Studio Newborn Session can be a great option to consider when planning your newborn photo session.  This was not necessarily “Newborn” because the baby was two months old, but I still love it.

Babies Can Be Fussy:  This is just a fact.  At some point during your Newborn Session, your baby will probably get fussy.  This is not a big deal for me, so don’t stress about it.  This is why we schedule the amount of time that we do.  Sometimes they need a snack or a clean diaper and sometimes–who knows?  We will work through the cry.

Newborn Photographerss Albany NY
Sometimes you have to work through the cry to get a sleepy newborn portrait.

Have An Extra Set Of Hands:  If you are planning on incorporating siblings, this is especially critical.  Have someone else available to wrangle the big kids so you can focus on the baby.  This will definitely translate to way less stress for you.  I highly encourage my families to save the shots with siblings for the end.  That way we can be sure we have all the cute newborn photos done.  It is even better if the bigger kids are not on site until they are needed so you can keep the environment quiet, calm and relaxed for the baby.

Long Island Family Photographer
Little Miss Independent.  Siblings can be great at a Newborn Session. Just be sure you have an extra set of hands to help wrangle them.

Keep it Simple:  We all have cute baby outfits we love, but honestly I think simple is best.  Plus, most newborns don’t even fit into most clothing.  Same with props–something small and simple is usually best.

Relax:  Use this time as an opportunity to relax a little and have a mini-break.

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There are so many things to think about as a new mom, so planning ahead for a newborn portrait session is so important! Your list of tips for a newborn photo session is perfect to make sure families are ready for their photo shoot!

having a new baby is overwhelming on so many levels! You have just given then the best advise for planning this session! And the baby on the FDNY jacket, LOVE!!

Such great advice for Newborn photography prep! I love the emphasis on relax and enjoy this time….great advice!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks Deborah! Yes, it is so important to relax and enjoy those precious Newborn days!

Planning your newborn photo session is something that takes new moms off guard if they haven’t thought about all that goes into getting the perfect baby photos. Your clients must be so grateful for this advice!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Yes–It is often overwhelming for new moms to pull it together for a Newborn Photo Session. That is why I pulled together a few tips for them.

These are great tips for planning a successful newborn photo session! Hopefully this will help alleviate the stress of your clients!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks Brandi–that is always the goal!