June 11, 2020

Fashion Photography Play Date

Take time out of your day to play.

I had wanted to do this particular Fashion Photography Shoot for a while now.  I had seen a photo of Marlene Dietrich in a tux that I rapidly became obsessed with.

I have been a fan of George Hurrell for a long time now.  I don’t know if my inspiration photo of the fabulous Marlene was actually photographed by Hurrell, but it was definitely in his style.  I was drawn to the fashion feel of it with a tux, top hat and white tie.  It is very contemporary and glamorous.  I always want the people I photograph to feel like movie stars or rock stars.

Black and White Fashion Senior Portraits Saratoga NY
I wanted to play around with Old Hollywood style lighting that was popularized by George Hurrell in the heyday of the big movie studios.

Yesterday was super busy with editing and a Commercial Photo Shoot in Albany.  I could have blown it off for another time.  But I have learned that when I am super busy,  it is sometimes best to carve out time for a small personal project to keep my creativity going.  It is like a small snack.  And my favorite model happened to be home for a bit and there was a limited window to photograph her:)

Saratoga Fashion Photography Senior Portraits
One light can do a lot.

Thanks to my friend Tracie at Danielle’s Bridal, I was able to borrow a tux with tails and white tie/vest.  I have the top hat in my stash of fun things.

This was simple to actually set up–one small light, simple backdrop.  Literally took under ten minutes to snap the photos.  A creative snack break.

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