August 10, 2020

How Is Covid Impacting Weddings? | Planning a Wedding Post Covid

How is Covid impacting weddings?

Many of my couples who were planning weddings for 2020 have decided to postpone their event for a year.  These are the couples who have been dreaming of a huge, fancy event with lots of bells and whistles.  Many times they are having a simple “minimony” to legally tie the knot–either just the two of them or with a (very) few family members and friends.  These couples plan on having a big, blow out reception next year.

How is Covid Impacting Weddings?
This couple kept their original date and venue–they just scaled down the guest list.

But let’s talk about my couples who are going ahead with an event in spite of the Pandemic.  These couples do not want to wait to celebrate their marriage.  How are they adapting their weddings to accommodate new restrictions?

Downtown Glens Falls Wedding Photo
Maria and Barry were supposed to have a destination wedding in Miami. Instead, they came Upstate and hosted a small ceremony with a wedding brunch at the Queensbury Hotel.

Smaller Guest Counts:  Currently a maximum of 50 people are permitted to attend an event.  Therefore, guest lists have been cut to immediate family members and very close friends.  This is a Micro Wedding or an Intimate Wedding.  One huge benefit of an Intimate wedding is that the reduced guest count will result in more money being available–so you can splurge on florals or perhaps menu items that would be otherwise outside your budget.

Microwedding Saratoga NY
Pretty much the entire guest count at this microwedding. It was perfect!
Microwedding Saratoga NY
This couple invited key people via Zoom. It was really a great way to share the day!

Sanitization:   Some couples are running with this and providing personalized hand sanitizers and face masks.

Mansion Saratoga Wedding Photos
You can still do beautiful wedding photos.

Social Distancing:  Many events are incorporating at least a partial outdoor format, whether it is the ceremony, cocktail hour, or the entire reception.  Tents have always been popular, but they will play an even bigger role moving forward.  For elderly relatives, live streaming of the ceremony/event is becoming popular.

How is Covid Impacting Weddings?
Tents are ideal for the “new normal.”

Whether or not a couple chooses to postpone or go ahead with their original date, the important thing to remember is that love has not been cancelled.  You still get to marry your special person.  You can even have a celebration with your family and friends.  It just may look a little different.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

Here is a short video of a recent Zoom wedding we photographed:

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