Weddings are considered “uncontrolled events.”  What that means is you cannot be in total control.  As a photographer, I am not in control of the weather in particular.

Over the years, I have learned to not only accept this but to embrace it.  While I always go into an event with a general plan, the weather can sometimes throw a monkey wrench into the plan.  If the weather stinks, I may not be able to get outside with the couple for some planned shots in a cool location.  That is when I know I need to get creative and work with what I have indoors.  I used to sometimes think this was tragic.  Now I view it as an opportunity.

Upstate NY Fall Wedding Photo

The weather was not fabulous on this particular day. So we just worked indoors for the bride and groom shots. Posing and lighting in a great indoor location can look just as beautifut as outdoor photos.

Wedding Photos Queensbury Hotel Susan Blackburn

The weather on this day was overcast and chilly. While we did some images at the park that were nice, this is one of my favorites. Taken in the ballroom of the Queensbury Hotel, we used a little off camera strobe. I love the ambiance.

Lake George Wedding Photos

I know I always need to create some formal images of the Bride alone. Unfortunately, the skies opened up and we had torrential rain. Ft. William Henry has huge picture windows in the ballroom overlooking Lake George. The steamboat was passing by at just the right moment.

Embassy Suites Saratoga NY Wedding Photo

Hotel lobby with off camera strobe. The location is just as interesting as any park.

Winter Wedding Photos Albany

It was super cold and dark after this couple’s wedding ceremony. No problem. Interesting posing and good lighting to the rescue.


Same wedding–Some creative use of Public Restrooms is sometimes called for in my job. Can lighting in the ceiling is your friend.   I love a challenge.

Fern Lodge Winter Elopement Photo

This was a super cold day iin the Adirondacks at the Fern Lodge. Before we went outdoors, I knew I wanted to use the fireplace in the Great Room because it is so in keeping with the area.

As you can see, you don’t need to be outdoors in a park during the Golden Hour to create interesting and beautiful wedding photos.  Your photographer does need to understand lighting and posing, that’s all.