August 25, 2022

Six Things You Should Know While Planning Your Wedding

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Many times Wedding Vendors can get a little frustrated when couples “don’t get it” when planning their Wedding Day.   But what we need to remember is that while some of us work at a wedding or two every week, this is usually the first time a couple has planned an event larger than a backyard barbecue or Christmas Party.  Planning a Wedding can be overwhelming–so here are a six things  you should know when planning your wedding.

Saratoga NY Summer Wedding Photographers
Loved Victoria’s Bridal Party–they were so helpful and excited to see their friend get married.
Schenectady NY Wedding Photos
Loved working with this happy group of ladies.

Carefully Choose Your Bridal Party Members

This is something that has a huge impact on how you will enjoy your Wedding Day.  Be sure you choose not only people who you have known a long time, but people who are kind, considerate, and helpful.  No one needs extra drama on a Wedding Day, and you will have a much better time if everyone is getting along and helpful.

Canfield Casino Wedding Photos
Unless you are a florist, hire a professional to do the flowers for your wedding.
Schenectady Wedding Images
Unless you are pro level with your baking skills, it is probably best to hire someone to do the cake.

Don’t Overestimate How Much You Can Do Yourself

One of the Six Things You Should Know When Planning Your Wedding is that you can’t (and should not) do it all yourself.  Many times couples think just because they can do something, they should do it.  Yes, we all have hobbies and talents we enjoy.  But is your own Wedding the time to create six bridal bouquets, 8 boutonnieres, ceremony decor and centerpieces for the reception?  Not only is it stressful, do you have the space and resources?  Hire the right vendors to take care of different things so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Six Things To Know When Planning Your Wedding
Having a Signature Cocktail or Beer is a great alternative to a full open bar.

Have A Budget

Having a budget in place before you start planning a Wedding is really important!  So is sitting down with your significant other and any other people contributing money for the event to discuss what is important to include at the event.  Figure out what line items are necessary versus what are extra/nice to have.  The Art of Compromise will probably be necessary.  Personally, I feel like certain things such as ice sculptures, someone painting the ceremony in real time, or fireworks can be super cool and fun–they are not really necessary.  They come under discretionary spending after the major “must haves” have been taken into account.  And if one of those items are a true “must” for you, what are you willing to live without?

Saratoga NY Canfield Casino Wedding Photos
We had a carefully planned Timeline that allowed for a generous amount of time to photograph Alyssa and Craig in Downtown Saratoga.

Wedding Day Timelines–YES You Need One:

A Wedding Day Timeline is critical in making sure everyone knows when and where things are happening.  It also helps to manage expectations.  Often a Wedding is like an elaborately choreographed play or ballet.  You don’t want to be winging it.  And while your vendors are probably excellent, they are not telepathic and can’t read your mind.  Even if you feel like a Wedding Day Timeline is unnecessary, please be courteous to all involved and at least have a rough outline for the day.  I promise it will reduce your stress.  See more about Wedding Day Timelines in our previous post.

Six things To Know When Planning Your Wedding
Your Wedding Vendors are there to offer advice on what will work best for you on your wedding day.

Listen To Advice From Your Wedding Vendors

Yes, it is ultimately your event and you call the shots.  However, most reputable Wedding Vendors have a lot of experience and know what will and will not work.  When they are telling you something is not a good idea–it probably isn’t.  Most of us don’t want to rain on your parade.  Quite the contrary–we want you to have the Best Day Ever.  Work with us so we can help you make the Dream a Reality.

Saratoga Springs NY Destination Wedding Photos
You can’t control the weather, so just take a deep breath, relax and move on. You might end up having an even better day than planned!

Just Enjoy The Day

Too many times, I see people get really upset over what are very minor things.  The guests won’t know the icing on the cake is not the exact Pantone Color of the Year shade.  Sometimes things don’t go perfectly–and that is totally ok.  Sometimes things end up even better that way.

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Cheers! Enjoy your Wedding Day!

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Time tested advice from a true professional, excellent advice!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you Carla!

You don’t know what you don’t know is something I say often and so true for brides and grooms. These 6 things you should know while planning your wedding really will help couple’s stay on track and make sure that they don’t miss anything important.

Blackburn Portrait Design

So true!

At first I thought carefully choosing your bridal party was going to be the best tip for newly engaged couples. Then I kept reading, and ALL these tips will help make your wedding day less stressful! And as always, your wedding photography is beautiful!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you for your kind words! After so many years photographing weddings, there are so many things I wish they would carefully consider!

I love that you make the planning easy for brides! All of these organizational tips are key to planning a stress free and relaxing wedding! Your photos are amazing Susan. I love the couple posed at the grand white steps with white column. So magical!

I’ve read these tips many times and I truly hope every engaged couple takes your advice! Couples who hire you for their wedding day are so lucky to have a photographer who cares so much about their wedding day!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you so much Michelle. I try really hard to facilitate things for all my Wedding Photography couples so the day flows easily and they enjoy themselves.

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thank you for your kind comments, Andrea! Making it easy and stress free for couples is what it is all about!

What great tips for engaged couples who are planning their wedding! A great reminder for them to enjoy the day!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Engagement Photos are fun to create for sure–but most people need a few quick tips for success.

The wedding day is cerazy and stressful… but you gave some great tips that will make it so much more enjoyable for engaged couples in New York!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Agree–planning a wedding can be super stressful!

I agree with every one of these tips for planning your wedding, especially choosing your bridal party! I hear so many horror stories about losing friends this way, so make sure you choose people who won’t add drama. This is a must-read for all newly engaged couples!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Right?! As a wedding photographer, I see so many things….

We’ve been married for 24 years, and I wish these I had these tips when we got married!

Blackburn Portrait Design

Yes–me too! There was not a lot of practical help out there back then when wedding planning!