July 15, 2022

Variety For Business Headshots

They say “Variety is the Spice of Life.”  This can also be true with Business Headshots

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Showing where you work can give potential clients an insight into your business that a typical headshot might not.

Business Headshots have come a long, long way.  While many of my clients still need a Traditional Business Headshot, they also need some more casual looks for different applications.

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A different take on an Executive Portrait. I like using environments for portraiture, and this Board Room was so great.

I have always felt that any portrait I create, whether it is a headshot or not, should be unique to the client.  I know many Business Headshot Photographers out there tend to want to treat their clients like fast food customers–get them in and out the door in under a half hour.  Generally speaking, this results in every single client looking exactly the same.  Same lighting, same backdrop–very predictable and super easy to replicate.  However, this business model has never appealed to me.  I wanted people to have better choices for their headshots.

Why Have Variety in Your Business Headshots?

With the rise of remote working situations and more business taking place online, the need for distinctive business headshots has become even more important than ever.  There are so many applications for your images–social media, websites, publications, and marketing collateral.  Some people even need a shot or two for Dating Apps.  And each application requires different parameters.  For example, a business card photo looks better as a head and shoulders photo while a photo on your About Page can be three quarters or even full length.  For LinkedIn, the image is in a circle, so the photo needs to be composed a certain way.  A banner on Facebook, or a hero slider on your website needs to be rectangular.  We shoot for all of these things in even our most basic Business Headshot Sessions.

Variety in Business Headshots Saratoga NY
Karen is a writer and food blogger. This horizontal would be perfect for a Facebook banner or her hero slider on her site.

Introducing Variety in Your Business Headshots

So how do we make your headshots stand out from the herd with variety?  First, I want to know a little bit about who you are, where you work, and how you work.  A Banker or Financial Planner is vastly different from an artist or writer.  When I know what your job is and how you work, I can then recommend clothing and location options.

When we do meet up for your Business Headshot Session, we will carefully go over your clothing options to see what will look best with our location/backdrop choices.  All of my Business Headshot Photo Sessions include at least one outfit/backdrop change so you have some variety in the Session.

During your Business Portrait Session, we will shoot a variety of poses and do some traditional as well as more casual looks.  When you come to your Viewing and Ordering Appointment, you will see mostly color images, but also a few black and white selections.

Some examples of variety from a recent session:

The first two images from Sara’s session would look great on a business card.  The third would be a wonderful Facebook banner or website hero slider.

Saratoga NY Business Headshots
At the start of Sara’s Headshot Session, we shot a super traditional headshot.
Saratoga Headshots
For the next outfit, we paired this fun casual black and white print with a rich red backdrop. It is fun and casual, but still professional.
Luxury Realtor Headshots Glens Falls NY
We also created a completely different look with a dark backdrop and more dramatic lighting.

Final Selections From Your Headshot Session

While you are at your Viewing and Ordering Appointment, we will again go over what you are going to be using your images for.  We believe in getting things right the first time, so we want to be sure the images you have selected will work for the individual applications you will be using them for.  It would do you no good to purchase images that do not work for your original intention.  So even if I personally love an image, I have been known to advise clients when they have chosen something that will not work for what they intend to use them for.  The ultimate goal is for you to get maximum use from what you have purchased, not just give you a bunch of random images and hope something will be ok.

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I love a strong, classic black and white portrait.

Final Thoughts

I personally feel that everyone should be updating their Business Headshots every three to five years.  It is important to stay fresh.  But I think doing a shoot every month or every three months or whatever is a little excessive.  They say that it takes the average person around twelve times to see your logo before they can readily associate it with your business.  I feel like it is the same with your Business Headshot.  If you are continually changing it, it might lead to problems in recognition down the line.  Just a thought.

The bottom line is that your Headshot should be unique.  It should convey who you are and help tell the story of what you do.  I hope this has been helpful.

If you need a new Headshot, you can get in touch with our Contact or by calling (518) 584-4237 today.

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I love all the options you provide for your business headshot clients! It is so important to highlight what is unique about them so they can then convey that to their audience!

Headshots can be so boring, but I love all the variety and personality you provide to your clients! It really helps to see the different poses you use for the same person. Changing it up makes a big difference in the final images!

I love that you add variety and creativity to your headshot sessions! These sessions are all about giving clients a peek into who the person really is! They tell us who we are going to be working with…add some personality to that name on the badge. Love it!

Blackburn Portrait Design

I love helping clients look their best in headshots. And variety is so important because business headshots are used literally everywhere now.

Great variety for business headshots, Susan. I love how you show more than the person, but what they do and offer. It’s a great way to get to know the person behind the business

Blackburn Portrait Design

Thanks–I love helping people look their best and as well as showing the faces behind the business.