December 14, 2019

Winter Engagement Photos | Danielle + Chris

Since we have been on the topic of Winter Portraits, I realized I never shared Danielle and Chris’ Winter Engagement Photos from last November/December at the State Park.

Saratoga Photography Studio Engagment Sessions
We began at my studio with a simple backdrop. I like to do at least some black and white with my Engagment Sessions because it really is so timeless.

This is a great session because it demonstrates how to maximize your Winter Engagement Session.  We had a total of three clothing options achieved through layering.  It also shows the variety I like to give couples so they have choices for gift prints, Save the Dates, wall decor, etc.  Below is a quick slide show of the entire Engagement Session

We actually met at my studio and did a couple of quick indoor photos with a simple background, then we left for the park.  We had a cold day–but not one of the bone chilling, take your breath away type of days.  We were able to play around without heavy outerwear for a portion of this Engagement Session.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session:

Winter State Park Engagement Photos
Clothing Option Two.  The clothes Danielle and Chris chose were warm but not bulky. I shot this horizontally because I could just see it hanging over a couch or fireplace.

I tend to like to begin my photo sessions with something a little more posed and traditional because it helps me figure out what angles of the face and body are most flattering.  As we progress through, things get a little looser and more contemporary.  This is just what I have found works best for me in terms of getting the final results I want.

November Engagment Session Photo
Wardrobe change! The clothing here is more casual and I really like the color harmony going on.
Winter Engagement Photos
A little less formal.

So our final location was a bit challenging.  It was this little shack at the park that has a firepit.  The walls are pretty dirty and gross.  As a bonus we had a homeless couple in there–they were very nice, but they kept wanting to engage in conversation.  Needless to say, it is a little hard for any couple to act romantic with an audience.  Chris and Danielle were real troopers.

Winter Engement Session Saratoga NY
This was fun–it was cold so we went inside this little shack that had a firepit.
Saratoga Engagement Photography
A little drama with off camera lighting technique to finish things off.

Now that you have some inspiration, you can begin planning your own Winter Portrait Session.  I would love to photograph that for you!

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